Google+Waterfalls Lakes Plitvice, Croatia (National Park) Is among the 20 most beautiful lakes in the world to 17th place. Check out that cool T-Shirt here:

This stunning waterfall in Lake Plitvice, Croatia looks like the perfect setting to create your own shampoo commercial An idyllic holiday setting to escape and switch off from the world. Nature - Waterfall - Lake Plitvice National Park in Croatia.

Top 10 Most Zen Places That Will Relax Your Mind                                                                                                                                                      More

Top 10 Most Zen Places That Will Relax Your Mind

Seaside Lanterns in Ko Tao, Thailand. I would seriously die if i ever got to go to Thailand.

Feel the sun streaming down onto you through the beautiful trees and smelling the lovely scent of all the autumn leaves.

SEASONAL – SUMMER – the sun's rays can barely reach the mossy terrain in the thick, green forest at sun ray bench in ludlow, england, photo via plural.

Kings Beach in Lake Tahoe. One of my favorite peaceful places.

kings beach in lake tahoe. we swam in the freezing, clear waters. gorgeous azure blue and emerald green.

Down in the woods by the brook-it is a nice peaceful place to sit a spell...

Down in the woods by the brook-is a nice peaceful place to sit for a spell.Aiken House & Gardens: Our Late Season Garden

Bench on a green path. [ ]                                                                                                                                                      More

21 Amazing Places to Visit in France

Summer Park, Chamarande, France photo via sebs wish I could sit on that bench.

Photography: Sandra Åberg  -  Read More:

Enchanting Italian Lake Engagement

Enchanting Italian Lake Engagement Lake Braies ~ is a lake in the Prags Dolomites Mountains in South Tyrol, Italy Photography:Sandra Åberg.

this is my happy place... my stress relief... here is where i can breathe ... so wish i could live by the ocean.

Far and Away

I sit on the beach drawing and enjoying the fresh sea air when I hear someone walking up to me ((Open RP))

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