Peter and Wendy. One of my favorites.

love quotes from peter pan book BOOK VS MOVIE Peter Pan Confessions of A Broke Bibliophile


The one that says "rejected" should say "broken," because he truly was completely broken at that part in the movie.

Peter Pan (Jeremy Sumpter) - Peter Pan | 39 Guys Who Sparked Your Sexual Awakening

Peter Pan (Jeremy Sumpter) - Peter Pan

JM Barrie created the childhood hero Peter Pan, but a new book reveals the lengths the author went to in order to find his own 'lost boys'

The monster of Neverland: How JM Barrie did a 'Peter Pan' and stole another couple's children

Peter Pan directed by P.J. Hogan (2003) Play by James Matthew Barrie #jamesmatthewbarrie #jmbarrie #fanart

They should make a new/modern Peter Pan movie with this song in it: "Never Grow Up" by Taylor Swift--it's PERFECT.

Ultimate childhood crush. <3 Jeremy Sumpter. <3 Peter Pan

I know I'm going on a Peter Pan pinning spree but I love this movie and I'm in need of references for drawings.