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Fun animal Facts for Kids. Thought it would be good to print some for the kids to share at Circle time.


School Lunch Ideas

Breaks over, back to packing lunches! Love these easy ideas for fun school lunches that the kids will actually be excited to eat.


This is a list of pronouns as site words, written in alphabetical order. (ignore the ad in the picture)

Ducksters: Fun Kid site with safe search, sports, games, jokes, and homework help.


A Fact Every Day – 365 Fun Facts for Kids, for iPad. It would be fun to post one a day on a whiteboard near the checkout area. Something for kids to read & talk about while waiting in line.


20 Things I bet you didn't know about your body. Fun Facts for kids from


Christmas Lunchbox Jokes

I wont be stepping foot into any stores today but I was up late last night shopping online off nearly everything I bought I like that kind of sale I love a good bargain but I usually skip the crowds on days like this Online shopping though Im all over thatCheck out my site Ive got a Black Friday sale going on myself for you mom photographers Who went out to the stores this morning or last night Tell us about your deal capturingjoyquotes blackfriday

District officials to parents: Don't be concerned about Ebola exposure

Video: District conducts news conference about Ebola concerns | Beaufort News | The Island Packet

4 Simple Lunchbox Ideas for Kids

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Do you leave a bowl outside your front door, hoping that those teenager kids don't take all the candy? Here's what I'm putting on my door this Halloween.. You’re out having fun So please take ONE. Don’t thinking about taking two Cuz I have a camera watching you. And if you take them all, It’s your Mother I will Call!