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Triple lobe and cartilage

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Monocrafft x Colby Smith

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Cartilage Hoop Earrings,Cartilage Earrings,Nose Ring, Piercing Earrings,Conch Piercing,Sterling Silver,Helix,Tragus,Ear Lobe

Prata de Lei - Par 14.85€ já com shipping Mais

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multiple ear piercings

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“Allllright so I think I'm done... just got an outer and forward helix done today (one on each side cuz apparently I don't wanna sleep comfortably the next…” Industrial rook lobe triple anti-tragus tragus forward helix cartilage conch

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Em breve :)

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Piercings ↞ Radaschloe ↠ Earrings

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New piercing and new @jacquieaiche bling from her super cute piercing event last night. Triple diamond stud and ruby evil eye added to my lobe collection. #LA #jacquieaiche. Piercing @bodyelectrictattoo

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Lobes et conch.

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