It is thought strangely absurd that upon closing my Eyelids, all the visible Objects round me should be reduced to nothing; and yet is not this what Philosophers commonly acknowledge, when they agree on all hands, that Light and Colours, which alone are the proper and immediate Objects of Sight, are mere Sensations that exist no longer than they are perceived?  ~ George Berkeley ~

We can admittedly find nothing in physics or chemistry that has even a remote bearing on consciousness. Yet all of us know that there is such a thing as consciousness, simply because we have it ourselves. Hence consciousness must be part of nature, or, mo

All Sewn Up by Anthony Clarkson from Anthony Clarkson's Grim Wonderland

'All Sewn Up' (artwork by Anthony Clarkson from 'Anthony Clarkson's Grim Wonderland')

5 formas incríveis de fazer o sexo ficar melhor ainda

5 formas infalíveis de fazer o sexo ficar melhor ainda

Inspiring animated gif aesthetic, colors, gif, girl, psychedelic by loren@ - Resolution - Find the image to your taste

good vibes

Pemmican Morphine Natual Pain Killer - Simplicity, serenity (h/t Jesse Anjeli) - Reasons to Eat Pemmican: Similar to Morphine, The Best Natural Painkiller that Grows in Your Backyard

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Sketchy Flowers and Leaves Notebook Doodles

The strange animated GIFs of KyttenJanae

The strange animated GIFs of KyttenJanae