Finger monkey or pocket monkeys as sometimes called -- They are the planet’s smallest living primate, growing up to 14 inches tall. These tiny primates are Indigenous to the rain forests of Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia. but don’t let these cute tiny fellows fool you, their claws are extremely sharp, and when a provoked, they can wreak havoc like you’ve never seen.

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Tão fofinho......

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O Planeta dos Macacos

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conquest of the planet of the apes movie 4****

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Macaquinhos de bolso!

Macaquinhos de bolso!

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Confira o novo trailer de: Planetas dos Macacos: O Confronto

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Confira novo pôster de Planeta dos Macacos 2 – O Despertar

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A mãe gorila Kumili segura de bebê no colo no zoológico de Leipzig (Alemanha); o bebê gorila nasceu na noite do dia 11 de março. Foto: Peter Endig/AFP

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Real monkey love! Go to or just click on photo for…

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