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Feather like this with grandparents names, and in red for a cardinal

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It'd be nice to get a feather like the one from Forrest Gump with a quote from the movie.

Tatouage plume avec oiseaux qui volent

Tatto Ideas & Trends 2017 - DISCOVER This is one of my fav work Feather with birds. Tattoo by Akash Chandani. India Discovred by : Cathy Glenn

small feather tattoos with birds

32 Small Feather Tattoo That Will Make You Want To Get Inked

Miami Inn Tattoo Design - small feather tattoos with birds - Are you looking for your next tattoo design? Search the rated Designs Gallery!

pastel tattoos mini lau hello tattoo

Delicate and Dreamy Pastel Tattoos Are a Whimsical Way to Adorn the Skin

Hong Kong-based artist Mini Lau designs and creates wonderfully whimsical pastel tattoos that are delicately drawn with fine lines and candy-colored ink.

Tatouage plume et oiseau - Tatouage tribal

Tribal tattoos for women are usually accompanied by meanings. Some women choose to customize their tribal tattoos to make them unique and unrepeatable, but

It's no secret that I am a big fan of tattoos. I have a handful of my own and have wrestled with the plan to get a watercolor tattoo for quite some time.  There's something so delicate, feminine and wildly artistic about a watercolor tattoo. The contrast of a black outline "filled" with the dainty effect of watercolor paints is above and beyond the standard approach to colored tattoos.  Here are 13 breathtaking watercolor tattoos to kickstart your own addiction.

13 Breathtaking Watercolor Tattoos

Biggest Tatto Gallery - Tatouage plume - tattoo couleur en style aquarelle - Colorful Watercolor Feather Tattoo Idea - MyBodiArt - Find Your Perfect Tatto Now

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