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The Rainbow Bridge - A pet loss poem. So beautiful. This really helped when our kids lost their beloved hamster, Lil' Rascal. He died four years ago and my children still talk about Lil' Rascal and what he's doing at Rainbow Bridge.


When an animal dies it goes to the Rainbow Bridge. animals ill or old are restored to health; hurt or maimed made whole. they're happy but they miss someone left behind. The day comes when one suddenly looks in the distance. He begins to run from the group- You and your special friend meet, never to be parted again. you look into the eyes of your pet, gone from your life but never absent from your heart. Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together....shortened for space.


For my Colby who crossed the rainbow bridge tonight. :( Fly free Colby...Shuffles, Maggie girl, Riley and Whoodie are waiting for you. You are safe are at peace. ♥♥

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