Pokemon Love Poem, cause I'm a Brokemon! (sigh)

my girlfriend sent me this today...

Pokemon Love Poem (Valentine's is near, so my apologies for all the mushy-gushy photos xD)

Twitch Plays Pokemon fan art. If you haven't heard about the 10,000 people all playing one game of Pokemon, you're missing out. -D

We are the bold.

Pokémon is actually a pretty emotional game when you get down to it.I've cried in some. < This is some deep poetry shit goin on here

Five Nights at Freddy's 2 Mike

Donald Trump would deport this joke

POKEMON POEM Greeting Card Pun Pikachu Love Couple by ecolorty

POKEMON POEM Greeting Card Pun Pikachu Love Couple by ecolorty

Valentines Day Pokemon Poem for my Nephew on Valentines day :)

Valentines Day Pokemon Poem

Funny pictures about Pokemon Valentine's Day poem. Oh, and cool pics about Pokemon Valentine's Day poem. Also, Pokemon Valentine's Day poem photos.

Pokemon Poem Cross ... by Beki710 | Embroidery Pattern

Pokemon Poem Cross Stitch

My best friend sent me this earlier this summer. Nerdy Pokemon love<3

If a guy sends me the pokemon poem, I'd love him

Awe how sweet, and that would have been the most perfect marriage proposal!<3 i love this!!

12 Adorable Texts That'll Make You Warm And Fuzzy

this guy deserves an award.This would be my dream boyfriend but a girl can dream<---Your dream has come true(currently pointing at myself, cause major pokemon nerd)