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Ponto Firo

Comparison of type dichotomies, and factors with APS temperament and FIRO score groups and factors

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Type Ideas

Full matrix showing how five temperaments (and eight "moderate" variations) are more energized in one and or the other dimension the closer to the sides (and corners) you go. This corresponds to the FIRO-B scoring system used by APS.

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INFJ Archetypes by Dr. John Beebe. Look into this, maybe?

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16 types and stress ~ This is interesting, and so right. I'm an ENFP and when I'm stressed this is exactly what I do.

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Comparisons with MBTI: "ERICA" versus "EISENFELT": Evolving the Correlation

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myers briggs percentage of population

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Brief and generalized breakdown of the cognitive functions. Still wary of Ni referred to as psychic.

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Handy dandy chart for finding Jungian Processes by MBTI. For explanation (and source for chart)

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Jung: Sensors (S) vs. INtuitives (N) I'm an Intuitive...ENFP. It is often typical for a therapist to be a NF (INtuitive and Feeling)

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