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Brand Manual and Identity Poster on

Fantástico manual de Identidad Corporativa en una sola página.

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Art Ed Central likes: Juneau Douglas High School Visual Arts: The Elements and Principles of Design

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Krop - Pluck't

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Spanish Colors Poster

Spanish Colors Poster - Italian, French and Spanish Language Teaching Posters | Second Story Press

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Good visual and brief descriptions

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cyberbullying - print and hang in computer labs

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Art Department / Grade 1 Visual Arts Curriculum

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This poster is intended to lay the groundwork for a very basic understanding of how Decimals work, without relying on a comparison to Fractions or Percentages at the very first hurdle. We think that a student should understand the principles of decimals in relation to numbers which are a power of 10, before comparing and contrasting them with Fractions and Percentages.

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16 Plant Cell Division Meiosis Model mounted on 24" x18" base

Model Plant Cell Division Meiosis