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Vamos nos surpreender!! As vezes somos os que menos acreditam em nosso potencial.


Estrategis para las tablas de multiplicar con Kely

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Dividing Fractions Poster

One glance at this chart helps your kids remember the key steps in dividing fractions. Having a visual definition for students is a must on this topic!

Mrs. Farmer's 5th Grade Class: SINGAPORE MATH....teaching students to understand with amazing visuals to tap into


Clothespin Counting- Make poster board circles for the numbers one through ten ( or higher. Write the numeral in large, thick marker. Place the corresponding number of dots & laminate. Students clip clothes pins or paperclips onto dots and count and/or I'd number.

Working 4 the Classroom: Open House Pizzazz! (Project 1)Math project- author night?


Cartel con estrategias para la resolución de problemas


FREE Relax and Cubes Poster Set for the ClassroomReading strategies included:R = Read the questions carefully & re-read to find the answers.E = Examine every answer choice before you choose your answer.L = Label your answer in the passage when you find it.A = Always check your answers by looking back.X = X-out answer choices that could not possibly be correct.Math strategies included:C = Circle key numbers!

8 habits of math teachers who value productive struggle - download and print this poster for your teacher colleagues!