a prayer for guidance

A Prayer for Guidance

A Prayer for Guidance- the prayers I write are words from my heart and the reason I write them is to offer a gift to God.

prayer for workplace - Buscar con Google

This is going up on my desk where I can see it and pray it every morning. It is also being hung in my office where everyone entering will see it.

Prayer for Guidance (1)

Prayer for God's Guidance and Direction

Prayer for Guidance and Direction. Almighty God, I pray for guidance in all my endeavors.

Prayer when you feel lost

❥✞❥ When you seek God in prayer, you will see things more clearly. The Spirit helps you set priorities and discover direction in your life. Let this prayer help you for when you feel lost.

Prayer for insight

Prayer for inside For inside - Prayer - Don't let the enemy confuse you. Let God lift you up so that you may see from his perspective.