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Accessories to flatter your figure

I’ve never really given this much thought, but pairing your jewelry with your neckline certainly makes a difference! Your necklace choice should compliment your outfit; the neckline of your shirt or dress being the most important thing to consider.

Premier Design Opening Night necklace. Classic and so many ways to wear it means more bang for your buck! Buy yours today ad see how easy bringing your wardrobe from blah to fab can be using Premier Designs Jewelry can be! Message Leslie Trotter at Positivelylj@gmail.com Codeword: LJ Pinterest on how to get your very own FREE JEWELRY!

Premier Designs Opening Night Necklace

Just a few of the ways to wear Premier Designs Opening night necklace. Talk about versatility!

Premier Designs jewelry is always best!

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So feminine, so lovely! Avery doubled and surrounded by Your Way. Both necklaces can be worn several ways. So versatile!! See more at marciaward.mypremierdesigns.com

PDJ : Avery necklace doubled and framed by Your Way. Both necklaces can be worn several ways. So versatile!