Laço com prendedor de Cabelo

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Cheer moms hold their breath every time their flyers go in the air. They silently pray the bases with catch her. This shirt is for all cheer

Haha! I'm not a cheerleader but this is still hilarious!!!!

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hahaha I feel like my bases do this sometimes when im flying! lol

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i do this to my bases all of the time. Bases know that this is not on purpose <3

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CHEER @Kate Mazur Borthwick Trust Fall, cradle, basket toss, and all that other fancy stuff we can't do :)

Fundo para Iphone.

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I SOO want to go to PARIS!!!!!!!✈️

Cheer tip:) It's nice being able to do both though. I enjoy being base(: But I also enjoy the thrill of the skies.

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And catching them so they don't die!

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