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Special request post for @annasunset for her one year anniversary /Birthday present to her boyfriend of his favourite #Pokemon #giratina with some colorful smoke! Hope you like it and sorry for the wait! .Hope you guys like it too,let me know what you think? ... Materials used #copicmarkers #prismacolors #whitegelpen #tontanpaper #goldgelpen #pencil


Keeping in shape on Portuguese

Forgive me GOD...... - Forgive me GOD for all my sins past and present. Forgive me GOD for not following your commandments. Forgive me GOD for not saying sorry when I should have. Forgive me GOD for all that I have done thats not pleasing to your eyes, ears, and heart. GOD if you can hear me please forgive and help me. GOD wipe my tears when I cry. Hear my voice when I pray silently. Bless my soul and my heart because I believe in YOU. Forgive me GOD; I want to stop the pain. Before I go…

Pray for my grandson - Please pray for my grandson who will be in court this week. Please pray that the good lord in Jesus name will be present in mind, body, and soul with the Judge to have mercy on my grandson, the victims he was suppose to have imposed upon. Let them see that this is not the person that was involved in this incident that�his mind was altered and he is very sorry. Please pray that the good lord speaks through the attorney and that the judge is a Christian man and…

Dear Friends , during ‪#‎HolidaySeason‬ I'm very busy, It's really hot time for me. I have to deliver even more presents in this year than in previous. Sorry, I can't answer the phone during this busy time. If you want to talk with me please set up call time with my office manager. Send email request to or check Santa`s office services here:

Google protects you from spyware On the page, you'll see Google recommending you run anti-virus and anti-spyware checkers. Why? If spyware is present on your computer, it may be accessing the Internet, and will often execute Google queries. If Google detects this, instead of giving the application what it's looking for, it will block the request ....................

How to Word Wedding Invitations for Money Gifts

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I'm sorry i'm late i just didn't want to come by Nallashop on Etsy

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Obsesiones pasajeras de una Chinoida: Monday's Inspiration: Dormir, comer y respirar Star Wars