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Pampered Chef Quick Slice  www,
5 Things I'm Loving Right Now - Number 3: The Pampered Chef Food Chopper -
Here are some great and easy cooking tools to make Mom life easier. Check out: 10 Pampered Chef Products Every Mom Needs
Pampered Chef scoop sizes! Perfect to show sizes!!
Top 11 Pampered Chef tools every kitchen needs, via Sue Donaldson over at
How many of you grill out a lot in the summer? We love grilling at our house. Pampered Chef is introducing another NEW product which is the BURGER & SLIDER PRESS! Last year, Americans ordered 9 billion burgers. Think about how much you could save making your own? How about the perfect size burgers OR sliders every time! Pick your meat, press it in, and be ready for evenly pressed, evenly cooked burgers perfect for your meal! $14.50 Check it out in this video…
Pampered Chef Pizza stone, comparing the stoneware and new Rockcrok pizza stone. Which one is for you?
The Pampered Chef egg cooker is great for making the perfect egg in the microwave. Also works awesome for pancakes, mac & cheese and extra large Whoopee Pies!
Do you have one more camping trip before school starts? Why not add quality Pampered Chef product to your trip?
Pampered Chef Cut-N-Seal, make your own uncrustables. This thing is seriously amazing...think of the options, PB&J, taco or pizza pockets, mini calzones etc.