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IRISH PHILOSOPHY - or, why there's nothing to worry about.. love have to show my hubby. Love finding irish stuff for him ..


w-8_3_Oscar-Wilde-600-Youth-and-Age-The-tragedy-of-old-age-is-not-that-one-is-old Oscar Wilde quotes on youth and age


The Saint Patrick's Battalion was a military unit composed of several hundred immigrant Europeans who fought in the Mexican Army against the invasion of the United States in the so-called American Intervention in Mexico , from 1846 to 1848.

He that promises most will perform least. - Gaelic Proverb #proverbs #quotes


Irish coal for sale, High Street, Killarney, Ireland


hurry because life is short, you cant wait after you are dead.. Wilde is never obscure, you just have to think the quote through. (:

Beware Of People Who Dislike Cats. Custom Order Calligraphy Quote--Irish Proverb via Etsy