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Come on, son! by Erich0823 on deviantART. Psych is one of those shows that I actually put off watching because I don't want to get to the end


I love psych WAY too much than is healthy for me!! They didnt show Carlton putting the snowglobe on his desk with the other like, 50 snowglobes he got, though. That was funny.

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Best Gus Nicknames (: #psych - the ellipsis is a series of clicks - requires delivery, though. See video.


psych | Shawn and Gus never grow old! I laugh every time!


Hey guys- Februrary is here and to celebrate Psych's premiere on the 27th, I've created a board called the 28 Days of Exc-PSYCH-ment! Here's the link:http:/... Every day you have to find the pineapple in the posts and I put up pictures of Psych cast members, videos, and as soon as I can I'll put up a promo for the next season! Follow!

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God, i love this show!! "If it's alright, and you're all wrong, then why dance around to the same damn song?"

Psych... one of my favorite parts. "Where are you going?" "Distract them." "Wait! This won't work!" "Do it!" "But Shawn!...." More

#Psych — Gus don't be ... Topher Grace running on the beach at the end of "In Good Company".

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this may be one of my favorite quotes from Psych ever.


Seriously the best episode of psych. I was watching it and was laughing so hard I was crying my mom asked me what was so funny and I showed her. She's been hooked ever since.