this may be one of my favorite quotes from Psych ever.

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This show used to be quite funny.

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We saw this car in a parking lot once and it was like Blueberry and the license plate was "BLBERY"

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Best Gus Nicknames (: #psych - the ellipsis is a series of clicks - requires delivery, though. See video.

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Does anyone know what episode this is? I don't remember it. @countrylizzie do you know?

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pysch (: LOVE the yin-yang episodes! Haha I laughed so hard at this!!

the appendix isn't a vital organ, in fact the only thing it does that we know of is fill up and burst if you get appendicitis.

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I've been hoping for DAYS that I would find this. Favorite Psych line ever!

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Psych workout... I think this might hurt! Hey guys- Februrary is here and to celebrate Psych's premiere on the 27th, I've created a board called the 28 Days of Exc-PSYCH-ment! Here's the link:http:/... Every day you have to find the pineapple in the posts and I put up pictures of Psych cast members, videos, and as soon as I can I'll put up a promo for the next season! Follow!

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Need I remind you Mr. Spencer, what happens when you interfere with a police investigation? The case gets solved? ;) haha

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