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Day of the dead door decoration

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Aonde - Onde - Donde

Como pontuar corretamente uma frase? Mais

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Prefix Cards with Definitions Illustrations and Examples

Prefixes! Use these Illustrated Prefix Cards to keep your students engaged in fun activities that reinforce the definition of each prefix and examples of words that take on the meaning of the prefix when it is added to them. Over two dozen of the most common prefixes are used in these cards, they are: mis, de, a, ab, abs, fore, tri, pre, re, dis, in, dif, semi, micro, ex, un, *im, sub, inter, pro, *im, tele, bi, super, under. *Note that the prefix 'im-' has two meanings; one is 'into' and…

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Second Grade Poetry Writing Lessons {2nd Grade Writing Workshop Unit 8}

This is the last unit in an 8-unit writing curriculum series for second grade. Click <a href="">{HERE}</a> to view the complete curriculum. This unit is designed to be taught at the end of the year. In this unit, students will learn how to write simple, free verse poems. The unit also contains end-of-the-year writing activities, an end-of-the-year memory book, and writing assessments. The…

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Signos de Puntuacion / Punctuation Posters in Spanish *Bilingual

A 30-page pack of punctuation posters in spanish, great for Spanish bilingual classes or dual language classes. This pack has 14 different punctuation signs (I included posters with illustrations and captions or detailed description with examples of each punctuation mark). Display them in your language arts content wall, around your room, or use them for your grammar instruction while covering puctuation marks. Included signs are posters with only punctuation marks & name (14) plus posters…