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brbdeath: A semi-serious PSA in defense of math I made, featuring questionable graphic design decisions.

"Common Core Standard 9-12.N-CN.1" Know there is a complex number i such that i^2 = –1, and every complex number has the form a bi with a and b real. This is a high school standard.


Sudoku Bulletin Board Idea for middle school math. Change the 'puzzle' each week. Each Friday, students may turn in their completed puzzle. Pick one/two and give them a prize! :) Great way to encourage critical thinking.


Math has a way of complicating love.


Tales of a Teacherista: Classroom Organization

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Exponent Properties Word Wall Graphic

This exponents graphic would be a great addition to any bulletin board! Use it as a word wall or just a reminder to students about the different properties of using exponents.This graphic wall covers the vocabulary words: base, exponent, and power. It also has an example of what an exponent operation looks like.

de Teachers Pay Teachers

Slope Tree

Students find the slope between 2 coordinates in this collaborative activity. All answers are integers from coordinates with and without negatives. Each leaf has a slope problem that students complete, color and cut out. Students then add their leaves to your classroom tree. Student groups can each be given a set of leaves, scissors, crayons and tape to attach their leaves to your classroom tree. Students can be in charge of cutting out the leaves. Also includes an optional student answer…