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TRU Paranormal FB page reader submission, image taken 12/06/09

Paranormal Pictures


IOWA GRAVEYARD GHOST! VisiOnarY Paranormal Hickory Hill Cemetery / Case #1 / Photo #1 Original images submitted by: VOYPA Team Member Brennin Norton EMail: facebook:


Ghostbuster Abe Lincoln

An extremely rare photograph of President Abraham Lincoln taken during his brief yet memorable stint as a paranormal investigator and eliminator circa 1864.


Paranormal Investigator French Psychic Medium Jeanette Q. Baird Flew all the way in from Paris France to become Possessed by a ghost or demon at a paranormal investigation in New Mexico. Gayle Knapp sends us this photo as what she believe to be the image of a real ghost that haunts a young single mothers Roswell Haunted House. She Believes this is the most haunted house in New Mexico.