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Formatura: os acessórios de cabelo mais glam para você arrasar

Outra forma de deixar um penteado clássico mais glam é apostar nos prendedores em forma de arco para envolver o rabo de cavalo, como Jennifer Lopez fez. Você ainda pode optar pelas aplicações de pérolas no acessório, o que deixa o visual mais romântico; ou nos paetês, que deixam o look mais fashion.


Garota de Batom: Rabo de Cavalo em forma de Laço


Bijuterias Infantis Organizada

Hair bow storage...mdb


Mongolia’s national musical instrument is the morin khuur, or horse-head fiddle. It has two strings: one made from 130 hairs from a stallion’s tail, one made from 105 hairs from a mare’s tail. The bow is also horse hair, coated with cedar sap. It is said to sound like the wind.

Opaque watercolour painting of Rati, the goddess of lust and consort of Manmatha, riding a horse composed of five female figures, all dressed in long trousers and bodices, typically referred to as the panchanari turaga. Of these, two form the animal’s legs; the fly whisk carried by the second is the animal’s tail. The third bows gracefully ahead and plays the cymbals, thus constituting the head and neck of the horse. A fourth, seated playing the mridanga, is its belly, and the fifth…


Gold fibula with a bow in the form of a winged Chimaera decorated at the tail with granulation; the oblong catch-plate is decorated with corded lines and a figure of a horse lying down with its forelegs bent up; the pin has a spring of two spiral coils. 525BC-500BC

The rapid urbanization of London during the 18th century and the subsequent increase in lawlessness, inspired the formation of various law enforcement units. The Bow Street Runners were formed in 1749 by Henry Fielding to maintain the peace on the streets of London; the Marine Police were raised in 1798 to police the River Thames, and the Bow Street Horse Patrol began operations in 1805 providing mounted patrols reaching twenty miles from Charing Cross. The Metropolitan Police Act of 1829…