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I have been meaning to learn how to make cats' tongues (or langues de chat, for you sticklers), for quite some time now; I thought they'd make a nice accompaniment to my pots de creme. Well, had I only known how easy they were, I would have made them much sooner! In case you aren't familiar, a cats' tongue cookie is a long, thin, crisp little cookie, piped out to the shape of a cat's tongue. Hence the name. If you bake them in a circle, you can call them a tuile. These were a snap to make…

BLISSFUL ROOTS: The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie

Gnocchi with Creamy Sauerkraut Sauce

In some ways this creamy pasta dish is reminiscent of a familiar Reuben sandwich or German-style mashed potatoes, but it's also so much more. When I was dreaming of new ways to use sauerkraut — perhaps the most ubiquitous fermented food there is — I kept circling back to potatoes.

Traffic jams are a familiar sight on the road leading to the ancient stone circles at Stonehenge.

Great songs for teaching all put to familiar tunes.

"She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain!" - Active Group Game with a Steady Beat

"COMING ROUND THE MOUNTAIN!" A GROUP GAME THAT TRAVELS FAST! A familiar tune really rocks with lots of directed movement, humor, and opportunities for kids to create the language! What to eat on that mountain? What to play? Where to sleep? Good language arts lessons should be ACTIVE learning! Fun lyrics and a horse craft are included. Add any instruments you have-- there's nothing else to buy. So 'hit the road' with Joyful Noises Express TpT - your indoor-fun specialist! (5 pages)…

74 Alkaline Foods to Naturally Balance Your Body


Are you familiar with what it takes to live a healthy life when you have diabetes? You need to be concerned with not only your diet, but also your sleep schedule and exercise amount. Read this article to find out how you can adapt your daily life to stay in control of your condition. Make [ ]

How to Make Ravioli Without a Pasta Machine

Ravioli is an Italian pasta shaped like squares or circles and stuffed with fillings before cooking. Most are familiar with meat raviolis, but there are unlimited versions of ravioli, including vegetarian kinds such as pumpkin ravioli. It is a food with a long history that started before ravioli pasta machines were available. Raviolis made by hand...

Quick and Easy Molé (and some awesome enchiladas)

I suppose that if you're a devotee of Mexican culinary tradition, then you would be quite familiar with molé, that lusty, chocolate-y, chile-based sauce that only takes 3 or 4 days to make. If you're a pro and on your game. It would probably take me that long just to grind the spices. In one recipe I came across, I counted no less than 32 ingredients. I'm still a bit curious as to who, on what day, had the time and culinary creativity to come up with a recipe such as this, but…