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Tapete de barbantes

Irritado-aves-partido-food de mesa

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block #14 called Broken Star

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Scrapbuster Rail Fence Quilt Block

Scrapbuster Rail Fence Quilt Block | So much better to use those random pieces than just have them piled in a basket.


Color Blocked Broken Glass Jello

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TRICKING YOUR FRIENDS INTO THINKING YOU HAVE YOUR SHIT TOGETHER#14: Serve some muthafuckin' fresh berries for dessert. --- Don’t bother baking a terrible cake for. A couple of blocks of dark chocolate broken into shards and a plate of fresh fruit tastes great, and no one has to pretend they like it.

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Under Construction: A LEGO Block Wedding Cake

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Easy Vegan Stir Fry

Make your own Sourdough Starter. Sourdough is fermented, so the phytates (anti-nutrients in grains which block absorption of minerals) which exist in the flour are broken down allowing for easier digestion of the bread and more nutrition is absorbed from it. Plus, it is an essential ingredient for Sourdough Pizza Crust, which I am going to pin next :)