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"Vocal Fry" | Studies have apparently found that women who speak with "vocal fry" are seen by peers as educated, urban oriented and upwardly mobile... but speech pathologists categorize it as a disorder that borders on vocal abuse


Overthinking - Are You Guilty of This? The question to be asked is with Overthinking - Are You Guilty of This? Overthinking is defined by the Urban Dictionary as "Excessive thinking about a problem, while losing focus on the big picture.


Mobility in Cities is About Space - Proven Powerfully in Pictures!

Backyard urban chicken coop! I love this one, and its important to me to keep it pretty as well as have a healthy environment for the birds! I figure Id like to keep about 5 chickens. Im thinking I can add a duck house to this chicken house. 3 ducks, perhaps. I guess Ill need a pond feature for the ducks. Hmmm...


contemporary hipster hipster knowledge compensates for economic immobility.[citation needed] Greif's efforts puts the term "hipster" into a socioeconomic framework rooted in the petty bourgeois tendencies of a youth generation unsure of their future social status. The cultural trend is indicative of a social structure with heightened economic anxiety and lessened class mobility.[21] References

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Don't Even Think About Downloading The New Emoji Until You've Got These Things Straight

Don't Even Think About Downloading The New Emoji Until You've Got These Things Straight: How to add emoji to email


ipad dock to warm you up :) great for ambience and apartments without fireplaces!

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Family First - Light, Livable Style

Light, Livable Style | Family First |

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