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Creme de abóbora com gengibre

Creme de abóbora com gengibre - Casa Vogue | Receita

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Peixes não existem, dizem cientistas

Peixes no oceano

O Lado de Cá: Dica: “Como plantar batatas em casa”


A Hawaii newborn born with microcephaly, an unusually small head, had been infected with the Zika virus. The case could be the first one reported in the United States linking the birth defect with ...

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Sweet Freezer Corn

The best way to preserve the fresh taste of corn on the cob!


5+ Best Indoor Doggy Potty Solutions To Free You From The Leash

5 Indoor Doggy Potty Solutions That Will Free You From The Leash

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The World's Best Cruise Ships: Readers' Choice Awards 2014

Celebrity Eclipse

In developing countries, people (usually women and children) often must walk long distances to find water. These village women from Pakistan's southern Sindh province embark on a water search, carrying traditional earthenware pots in addition to their small children.

These decadent chocolate truffles are so chocolatey that in our hot South African climate, need to be kept in the fridge until serving. Made from dark chocolate, and coated in cocoa powder, just one or two to end off your meal is perfect for Valentine’s day.


During the reindeer migration camps of portable shelters called choom are erected. During the day, chooms are not heated, but at nightfall, Nenets use a wood-fired stove to cook their only hot meal of the day and to warm the air inside. Wood needed for warmth is often carried for most of the journey because forests become scarce along the way.