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para o próximo queijo e vinho


As comidas favoritas de personagens famosos

As comidas favoritas de personagens famosos | O TRECO CERTO


Os primeiros encontros são difíceis. O site “Ok Cupid” fez um levantamento das perguntas que são mais fáceis e menos comprometedoras para se fazer no primeiro encontro. Veja a listinha completa e prepare-se.

Choripan (Cachorro-quente de chorizo com molho chimichurri)

O choripan é uma comida de rua tradicional na Argentina e também é muito servido em churrascos, feito com chorizo grelhado e molho chimichurri.


Nyhaven, New Harbour, is a 17th-century waterfront, canal and entertainment district in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is a great place to meet friends, do some shopping or have a relaxing meal.


Café Majestic Porto


...convido meus amigos(as) pra um drink lá em... - comoeumesintoquando


Last night when I was trying to plan my meals I was super overwhelmed and couldn't seem to make macros meet /- 5 of my goals so I gave up and said close enough. Today I decided that wasn't good enough I sat down tonight and I now have week one meals completely planned and met my macro goals for every single day. Plus I got the shopping list ready for tomorrow. Can't wait to prep and then start on Monday! Yay!! #khfallchallenge #mealprepsunday by sbbfit

Sunday dinner with my boys


11/17/16-HOUSTON- My name is George and I’m a handsome German shepherd / Collie mix. I’m a bit underweight at the moment but my foster dad is having no problems fatting me up, I love meal time! I’m a super friendly young man, I love meeting new people and other dogs. In fact, I was moved from kennel to kennel with all different dogs when I was at the shelter given how friend ly I am. I’m 100% house trained and never had an accident inside, I’m also crate trained and sleep through the night…