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You Can Use Hand Sanitizer To Remove Tree Sap From Your Car

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How to Remove Tree Sap From Dog Hair

Some types of trees make a habit of leaking sticky resin all over the place, and active dogs can have a thoroughly enjoyable time getting covered in the stuff. Dealing with the gluey combination of tree sap and dog hair is unlikely to be your idea of fun, but it is usually doable.

How to get tree sap off car - rubbing alcohol - easy way remove tree sap. - YouTube


WOW! Easy Way to Get Tree Sap OUT of your Clothing! This really works! I had tons on a couple of pairs of pants (jeans & sweat), & the stuff worked like magic & so quickly. On the jeans, a couple of spots had to be done twice, but it really was so easy!

Magic tree sap remover! Use hand sanitizer to remove sap from your car, hands, clothes...anything!

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How to Get Tree Sap Out of Clothes

How to Get Tree Sap Out of Clothes (with Pictures) | eHow


Collecting pine cones for projects? Bake ‘em first! The sap left on the cone is amazingly hard and shiny

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Como fazer sua própria cola de resina de árvore

cola vegetal: resina

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How to Repair Your Car Scratch

How to repair your car scratch (thank you Lucy for all my new scratches along the side of my car)