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Fibromyalgia: The Basics

Estrogen drop worsens fibro pain (this happens before period) - endometrial ablation as potential preventative treatment.

El Vínculo Entre el Autismo y la Deficiencia de Vitamina D



"Waiting in the Wings: Emergence of Zika and Other Mosquito-Borne Viruses” lecture by Kathryn Hanley, Ph.D Friday September 23, 7pm - 8:30pm FREE! Seats may be limited. Doors open at 6:15pm. Dr. Kathryn A. Hanley conducts research on the emergence and control of mosquito-borne viruses, including Zika, This presentation will describe the ancestral cycles of Zika and the factors that promote human transmission.She will offer her thoughts on if new methods of mosquito control will be…

Tabela dos marcos do desenvolvimento: 1 a 6 meses

Marcos do desenvolvimento até seis meses


10 Toys to Improve Gross Motors Skills for 1 Year Olds

Mild developmental delays can often be improved with physical therapy and aided by the appropriate play and toy! 10 Toys to Improve Gross Motors Skills for 1 Year Olds #ebayguides #sponsored


Warning signs of a language/communication developmental delay

Warning signs of a communication/language development delay


two terms of modules in biology


Managing challenging behaviour in early years settings

Pesticides and Other Causes of Autism Spectrum Disorders

In June 2014, the third study that links chemical pesticide exposure during pregnancy and Autism Spectrum Disorders in children was released. Additional research is recommended, along with elimination of pesticides fro the home. Pesticide Drift into the air from fields is still a problem to solve.


El glifosato sigue siendo motivo de discordia en la UE