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Valerie King Inspired: Tattle Monster

ArtStation - Fairy Tattle Tale, Jeremiah Skipper

The Tattle Prince has 4 rules: 1. Be a Danger Ranger- It's not tattling if someone could get hurt. 2. Be a Problem Solver- solve your own problems. 3. Now or Later? Some problems can be solved later, some must be solved now. My favorite rule 4. MYOB- Mind Your Own BusinessTattle Tongue

Traditionally, these crosses were woven on the feast of Imbolc, the festival of the pagan goddess Brigid, to mark the beginning of Spring. Brigid of the Tuatha de Danaan, in Irish Celtic mythology, was known as a life-giving goddess which is why the beginning of Spring with the birth of new lambs and the flowers beginning to bloom again, was associated with her.