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The Power of Peace in You: A Revolutionary Tool for Hope, Healing and Happiness in the 21st Century by Marlise Karlin.

uma verdade inconveniente

"É preciso ser vencedor, é preciso se amar, se amar muito, ter, conquistar e por aí vai. As pessoas descobriram que para que o sucesso ocorra, muitas vezes é preciso livrar-se de sentimentos que atrapalham o caminho, neuroses e todos os traumas mencionados por Freud."


Shepard Fairey's Non Toxic Revolution (NTR) Posters


Childhood's End After peaceful aliens invade earth with the intention to end all suffering and guide humanity into a utopia under the indirect rule. but does this utopia come at a price? And if yes, what is it? Written by Arthur C. Clarke and hailed as a revolutionary work of science fiction since its publishing in 1953, Childhood’s End follows the peaceful alien invasion of Earth by the mysterious “Overlords,” whose arrival begins decades of apparent utopia under indirect alien rule


Treat children with respect. Honor their wishes whenever possible. Cease viewing them as inferior beings. Stop hurting them. Teach them to live peacefully. No more shaming. No more mocking. Explain things to them. Hold them. Open your heart and accept them. Be truthful. Be engaged. Love them madly. You want to be a revolutionary? The most seditious act you can ever undertake is this: give them the childhood you deserved and desired.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

Memorable quotes of Nelson Mandela, politician, revolutionary, renown leader and peace icon. Mandela served as President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999. He was the first black South African to hold the office, and the first elected in a fully representative, multiracial election. #apartheid #inner self #inspirational #leader #madiba #mandela #nelson #nelson mandela quotes #quotes #south africa #southafrican

"[This] kind of marriage is not perfect, not even close. But a decision has been made, and two people have decided to love each other to the limit, and to sacrifice the most important thing of all—themselves... These marriages form people who can be small and humble and merciful and loving and peaceful. And they are revolutionary, in the purest sense of the word."

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Malcolm X keep it sharp, baby.