Hindsight I'm glad things turned out the way they did. I finally saw and admitted your true colors.

I vowed to you once, that once I had moved on, I would never look back. Getting there took longer that I hoped. But when I got there, I was true to my word. I am proud I got past that betrayal and the universe you pulled out from beneath my feet.

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when you start to love yourself, your "type" changes. i love where i am going in life right now:) keeping it classy

The most accurate description of my life right now. And the penitence I must pay for destroying the most beautiful gift I ever received.

He broke me. He shattered my spirit. He left me, he left his unborn son. Although I must thank him because he changed me into a much better person. A stronger person. Although this me is a better me, I miss the whole hearted me.

Know this if I'm waiting. Then your time is limited!.!.!.!..!.!.!.! And it will seem as though it's endless but know that it's just a dream and soon you will wake up!

This perfectly describes the guy I have a crush on right now. He is so much more than anything or anyone has ever thought of him as.

Inspirational Quote: Right on Bill Nye!

attention anti-abortion folks, you just got Bill NYEnnihilated! Making science accessible even to the willfully ignorant. <<< I knew it wAS BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY

Funny how I completely changed my plans for nothing .. but I still have dreams

I threw away a lot already but yeah, wrong people. But then when you have the right one, he disappears. So- define RIGHT

the right guy.

One of my oldest closest guy friends told me the same thing about my new beau tonight because I asked the same damn questions!

Friday lol memes Starting off the WE on the right foot PMSLweb

pardon the eloquent 'French'. Great is the Lord our God for saving me from the abuse of the beast himself! After all, if it's alive and has two legs, there will be Narc-Turd haste!