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Chunk Bait Bottom Rig Setup To create a setup that will allow you to present cut bait (herring, Atlantic mackerel, or clams) to predatory fish patrolling the surf: Attach a swivel to the main line using a clinch knot … Continue reading →

Carp Short Session Success by Julian Cundiff - Rig illustrations artwork

When Julian Cundiff’s first technical book appeared some seventeen years ago many who read it likened it to a nineties version of the classic ca.

Three Surf Rigs You Should Know About

Fish-finder rigs, high-low rigs, and whole mullet rigs are effective surf rigs that have produced striped bass for many years.

oil rigs in storms | draugen_platform_oil_rig_preview.jpg

topa-tank: “ Draugen is an oil field in the Norwegian Sea at a sea depth of 250 meters. The field has been developed with a concrete fixed facility and integrated topside. Stabilized oil is stored in.

Chumming Rigs. Offshore Trolling Rigs: Mackerel Trolling Rig, Bally Hood Trolling Rigs, Plug Trolling Rigs plus much more. Only $2.99

Bait Rigging and Knot Tying techniques for Inshore Freshwater Bass, Catfish and Crappie

I just finished my wall-mounted PC "Bumblebee". What do you guys think?  It is beautiful! -SixaraTM #rigs

I just finished my wall-mounted PC "Bumblebee". What do you guys think?

An IMU gait sensor offers a low-cost alternative to conventional optical target-tracking motion capture systems.