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ArtStation - Robin Hood, "biboun" Christophe Fossard

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Mark Addy as Friar Tuck. Tuck is a companion to Robin Hood in the legends about that character. He is a common character in modern Robin Hood stories, which depict him as a jovial friar and one of Robin's Merry Men. The figure of Tuck was common in the May Games festivals of England and Scotland during the 15th through 17th centuries. He appears as a character in the fragment of a Robin Hood play from 1475, sometimes called Robin Hood and the Knight or Robin Hood and the Sheriff.

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Looking For a Light at the End of GrimDark? Check Out These 13 Life-Affirming Fantasies |

Animation Backgrounds for Robin Hood (1973)

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Sherwood Forest: While King Richard the Lionheart is away we will go deep into Sherwood Forest. We will find Maid Marian, Robin Hood and his merry band to defeat the Sheriff of Nottingham. You will meet up with Little John, Friar Tuck, Will Scarlet, Bold Jane Downey & Alan A’Dale. Your best archery skills will be required along with bravery & good skills with sword and quarterstaff. Are you ready for the adventure of your summer?

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Will Scarlett! This has to be one of my favorite quotes! "I stand up for what I believe in." This is why he was one of my favorites. He was SO dedicated to his cause and that meant something to me.

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Robin Hood and Marian... favorite tv couple EVER.

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Key cast members from Robin Hood . . (Game of Thrones fans might recognize Harry Lloyd - he played Viserys Targaryen)

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The Adventures of Robin Hood (1955-1960). Richard Greene.

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