' One of the UK’s finest and most imaginative writers, Alan Moore, discusses the meeting of science and fiction, his own inspirations from the world of scientific discovery and whether there is room for the mystical in a rational world. With Robin Ince.' The Festival takes place from March 12-25, with more than 180 mostly free events for the public to choose from. Organisers are hoping for a record turnout after last year’s total of 35,000 visitors.

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Robin Ince: Science versus wonder? Does science ruin the magic of life? In this grumpy but charming monologue, Robin Ince makes the argument against. The more we learn about the astonishing behavior of the universe -- the more we stand in awe.

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'Can you grow potatoes on Mars?’: Brian Cox and Robin Ince answer your questions | Science | The Guardian

Robin Ince: Reality Tunnel

Love letters to libraries: Robin Ince, Meg Rosoff and other famous names check in | Books | The Guardian

Robin Ince - Curiosity is the greatest act of rebellion - TEDxSalford - In this high energy and passionate talk, Robin Ince explains to the audience just how remarkable and complex the human brain is.

Robin Ince and Brian Cox

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Quantum Misunderstandings with Professor Brian Cox and Robin Ince

Josie Long: She started out so young and is still but a mere pup! Ridiculously intelligent, makes me laugh stupid amounts and Utter Shambles with Robin Ince is one of my favourite comedy podcasts of all time.

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