The Healthy Fit Way: "A dieta do paleolítico" no 24Kitchen (e alteração na estreia)

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For real, this stuff is epic. I made my first batch of this last year after Thanksgiving, but this year I have it down to a science, a rich savory science of deliciousness that is. This soup starts out with a super concentrated homemade turkey stock made from the Thanksgiving...

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“ Taco Egg Rolls with Avocado Cream Sauce”

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This is a variation of an old favorite of ours, Bacon Cheeseburger Egg Rolls. These Taco Egg Rolls can be made as spicy as you want, or need. Any ground meat works great. I love them with a combination of ground beef and ground pork. The onions, peppers, refried beans, salsa and cheese make these egg rolls delicious. They are awesome as a snack and so quick and easy to create. They can be fried or baked. Absolutely perfect!

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Awkward Kitchenette: Taco Egg Rolls

Baby shower idea... print out each letter of the alphabet on pieces of paper and have the attendees have decorate the letters; add pictures of things that start with that letter, and later make a baby alphabet book with those letters for the baby to be.

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I was in Bahrain visiting my youngest daughter Angela van Broekhuizen, who was on a special project from the Army with the US Navy, the day I left Bahrain is when the riots broke out. Thanks be to God for allowing me to spend a nice week with Angela and missing all the problems.

How To Make Miso Soup

Italian egg, prosciutto, and cheese roll (the photo wouldn't work, but seriously this looks delicious!)

Pecan pie cake

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