Ross and Rachel Friends love quotes. Cause I'm dorky like that. i can hear each of these exactly how they were said in the episode

Ross and Rachel forever! I ball every time when she says "I got off the plane"!

They are perfect for each other!

"Okay bye babe, I love you. Did you just say you love me?" "Okay, well, bye. I love you." "I love you too.

The two of them being together made so much sense.

Why You'll Never Really Get Over Ross And Rachel

Why You'll Never Really Get Over Ross And Rachel - a couple worthy of being a reality

ross and rachel ♥ ♥ ♥ #friends

34 Things We Learned About Love From Friends

Ross and Rachel were everyone's favorite TV couple, but they were actually terrible. Here are 13 reasons why Ross and Rachel were the worst couple ever.

Rachel and Ross. I fell in love with these two during the first 4 seasons of FRIENDS. <3

If we ever call you our lobster it is the highest compliment possible. We are saying you're our partner for life, not that you remind us of a fishy-smelling crustacean with claws.

FRIENDS - Ross and Rachel

Ross and Rachel.I swear this could have been me this weekend. I love Ross and Rachel,I so want that

27 Truths Ross And Rachel Taught You About Love

27 Truths Ross And Rachel Taught You About Love

Love Ross and Rachel

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"It's a known fact that lobsters mate for life. You can actually SEE old lobsters walking around the tank holding claws.

Observation 2: Social Development. Ross and Rachel have an anxious-ambivalent attachment in their romantic relationship. Their relationship status changes many times throughout the series, as they are known as "on-again-off-again." Ultimately in the finale of the show, the two decide to settle down, possibly indicating a more secure attachment between the two.

The whole Ross and Rachel fiasco. The forgot the whole "get back together" thing at the beach house when he leaves Bonnie. HE FELL ASLEEP