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FRIENDS - Ross and Rachel Mais

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pinterest: lindsmakena ♡ Mais

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Poster Friends - Ross

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Maleficent on

- ̗̀ it's a beautiful day ̖́-

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9 Laid-Back Looks You’ll Love This Spring

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Poster FRIENDS. Ross Geller

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hey guys so basically I'm done with Pinterest atm and uh close friends have my snapchat you can hmu or you can hmu @ my tumblr @starrynye (which is the one I will message on) and uh yeah i just can't really do this anymore it's bad for my health and uh idk if I'll be back but I'm deleting the app (not the account) so YEAH OKAY THANKS BYE

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Ross Geller.... "oh ya know, i'll probably just work on my music..."

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