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Festa temática Maria Antonieta - Let them eat cake


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History of Boots and Women Who Love Them

This lace heeled bootie is an example of the footwear during the period. Belle epoque

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vintage gypsy | Few and Far

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Beautiful White Pearl Corset Diva Showgirl Burlesque Cabaret Dance Dress

Beautiful White Pearl Corset - $290

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I want Swarovski to make me a bra like this that unties at the front with a clip. Doesn't need beige bra under. And some undies in Swarovski. I want the necklace also to have an easy clip up the front so I can take it off. It is only for one man and not to be seen by others. But I haven't chosen that man. I want to wear it my first time. It will be after a year and a half of knowing me.

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Princesas Disney Burlescas

Como seriam as roupas das Princesas Disney se elas fizessem parte do cabaré Moulin Rouge? Pois o ilustrador Madhanz mostra pra gente. Ele respeitou as cores das roupas originais de cada uma e deixou as pernas muito mais à mostra! E os acessórios também merecem um destaque – eles fizeram a diferença. Só achei que o rosto de algumas delas ficou esquisito, e vocês? Principalmente o da Jasmine, haha. Mas,...

Hey! Buy this, or something similar, please bud! Thank you!

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Feather fans

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girly dots ♥✤ | Keep the Glamour | BeStayBeautiful

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