russian avant-garde. G1. Political Correctness in it's literal form. Poster that supports a specific political party.

Constructivism – Brett

Russian Constructivism- Gustav Klutsis - Workers, "Everyone must vote in the Election of Soviets!

Russian Constructivism - Kazimir Malevich ~ Dynamic Suprematism - completely eliminated the object. What its paintings achieved are fundamentally only pure interrelationships. Flatly extended rectangles and strips float in continuous interrelation in space for which there is no true human measure.

Dynamic Suprematism by Kasimir Malevich :: Kasimir Malevich :: Dynamic Suprematism by Kasimir Malevich

Poster of Russian Constructivism by Daniel Lorenzo, via Behance

By elNerol - has a strong russian constructivist style that represents power and revolution with a signature raised fist that seen in many propaganda poster made during the early years of the art movement.

Russian Constructivism

Russian Constructivism

Rodchenko, Aleksandr M. poster: "Lengiz" Books for all branches of knowledge (reproduction)

Constructivism Inspired Poster by Yehia Nada, via Behance

Constructivism Inspired Poster by Yehia Nada. Letter reversal/use of Cyrillic characters, font, angling of everything, colour scheme.

1920s by russian constructivist artist alexander rodchenko                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Shepard Fairey /Propaganda Poster Art after Russian Constructivist artist Alexander Rodchenko