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Rutherford Atomo

Ms J's Chemistry Class: Atom Models and Periodic TRENDS


* Ernest Rutherford * 1º Barão Rutherford de Nelson. Físico e Químico Neo-Zelandês. Prêmio Nobel de Química de 1908. Descobriu o conceito de "Meia-Vida Radioativa". Criou o "Modelo Atômico de Rutherford" ou "Modelo Planetário do Átomo". (* Brightwater, New Zealand, 30/Agosto/1871 - Cambridge, Inglaterra, 19/Outubro/1937).


7 November 1908 - Ernest Rutherford announces in London that he had isolated a single atom of matter in his famous ‘gold foil experiment’, in which a beam of alpha particles were aimed at a thin gold foil and their passage detected. #HistSci © Oxford Science Archive/Print Collector/Getty Images

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Rutherford-Bohr Model Atom Infinity Scarf

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Diagram of Rutherford’s results, showing that some nuclei were deflected by a small nucleus in the centre of the atom.

Diagram of Rutherford's model of the atom, where negative electrons are outside of a positive nucleus.

Rutherford-Bohr Model Atom Necklace

Today we were lucky enough to attend a Science Workshop all about Atoms & Molecules and the Periodic Table of Elements.....aahhhhh yes t...

Rutherford mempopulerkan istilah sinar alfa, beta dan gamma, proton dan neutron. Ia kemudian berhasil memperbaiki teori atom pembimbingnya (JJ Thomson) dengan mengeluarkan teori yang menyatakan bahwa Atom terdiri dari inti atom yang sangat kecil dan bermuatan positif, dikelilingi oleh elektron yang bermuatan negatif. Rutherford menduga bahwa didalam inti atom terdapat partikel netral yang berfungsi mengikat partikel-partikel positif agar tidak saling tolak menolak.