Embroidered golden spider silk cape made from the silk of more than one million female golden orb-weaver spiders collected in the highlands of Madagascar.

this is beautiful The Largest Piece of Golden Spider Silk Cloth In The World | Yatzer

Albert Camus

Silk fukusa (gift cover) embroidered with a flight of cranes, Japan, 1800-50, Edo period

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Diana Harrison, small pieces, silk, 35cm x 35cm, 2009.

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spider silk cape more details - embroidered spider

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silk from the Golden Orb Spider was collected and spun into cloth to create a cloak and a scarf. This colour is naturally occurring - it's how the spiders make it. On exhibit in London from mid January, 2012

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A golden cape woven from the silk of 1.2 million Golden Orb spiders has gone on display at London's Victoria and Albert Museum. The richly-embroidered garment -- its bright yellow hue is the natural color of the spider silk -- is the result of a seven-year project on the Indian Ocean island of Madagascar. Using long poles, a team of 80 people worked to collect the spiders from their webs each day and harvest their silk before returning them to the wild.

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Byzantine woven silk fragment, V Museum, 1200-1399 -- since Aislinn's decided on a Greek Byzantine persona.

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Spider silk is stonger than steel, weight for weight. British art historian Simon Peers and his American business partner Nicholas Godley collected silk from 1 million golden orb spiders, and spun it and wove it using tradional techniques and designs. The resulting shawl measures 11 by 4 feet, and the colour is entirely natural.

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