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Sandra Cisneros, all time favorite writer

I’m a witch woman; high on tobacco and holy water. I’m a woman delighted with her disasters. They give me something to do. A profession of sorts. I have the magic of words. - Sandra Cisneros


Sandra Cisneros *Chingona... I fuckin love day my chingon will come...


Continuing the revolutionary love note series with Sandra Cisneros. Currently reading “A House of my Own” and relishing on the memories of this amazing chingona elder. Reminding myself of my power, of...

I guess my feminism and my race are the same thing to me. They’re tied in one to another, and I don’t feel an alliance or an allegiance with upper-class white women. I don’t. I can listen to them and on some level as a human being I can feel great compassion and friendships; but they have to move from their territory to mine, because I know their world. But they don’t know mine. Sandra Cisneros, Chicana Feminist Thought


"You bring out the primordial exquisiteness in me" -Sandra Cisneros