Joana D'Arc, Considerada uma heroína francesa (1412-1431),  comandou o exército real em várias batalhas ao longo do reinado de Carlos VII. O papa Bento XV nomeou-a santa em 1920. Foi condenada à morte por heresia.

JEANNE D'ARC - Photo: Centre Historique des Archives Nationales, Paris Joan of Arc in a painting by an unknown artist, ca.

Santa Joana d'Arco na fogueira, últimos momentos

Santa Joana d'Arco na fogueira, últimos momentos

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Joan of Arc on Corronation of Charles VII in the Cathedral of Reims, 1854 Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres

St. Joan of Arc- Another of our Patrons. She teaches us to emulate her obedience to God first, her devotion to the Holy Eucharistic, and to sacrifice for God and country regardless of cost.

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Joan of Arc - A national hero in France, Joan of Arc led the resistance to the English invasion of France in the Hundred Years War. She believed that it was her divine mission to free her country from the English.

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Jeeanne d’Arc au sacre du roi Charles VII, dans la cathedrale de Reims (Joan of Arc at the Coronation of Charles VII. Oil on canvas, painted in

=(^.^)=Rô Tricô e Crochê Mania=(^.^)=: Dia de Santa Joana D'arc - 30 de maio

All good leaders face trials on their way to greatness.


Notice how St Therese is wearing a feminine dress for her dramatization of St Joan of Arc. This would likely be impossible if she were on a horse in battle ha ha! Also, Joan of Arc cut her own hair short herself.

joan of arc holding her banner, harold hume piffard, ca. 1895-1899

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St Joan of Arc, Maid of Orleans, The Cathedral-Basilica of St Louis, King of France, New Orleans, Louisiana

Joan of Arc – 30 May 1431 is considered a heroine of France for her role during the Lancastrian phase of the Hundred Years' War, and was canonized as a Roman Catholic saint.

Saint Joan of Arc, patron of soldiers, martyrs, prisoners, & France. May 30. Legion of Honor, San Francisco.

Aries - knight in shining armor Saint Joan of Arc, patron of soldiers, martyrs, prisoners, & France.

Joan Of Arc by Theodore Blake Wirgman

Painting of Joan of Arc by Theodore Blake Wirgman in 1890 showing Joan with her Banner (Fleur de Lis) and an Angel above her with crown titled: "Joan of Arc"