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Leprechauns live only in Ireland, which is also known as The Emerald Isle. It is said that Leprechauns are a type of male fairy and are a class of fairy folk that live near Fairy Rings, which are ancient Celtic earthworks or drulins. The word Leprechaun is Gaelic for shoemaker, which makes sense because the occupation of a Leprechaun is a shoemaker to the fairies.

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Leprechaun Companion, by Niall MacNamara — Leprechauns are elusive creatures and rew people know much about them beyond their fondness for shoemaking, crocks of gold, rainbows, and perhaps their talent for granting wishes. The Leprechaun Companion aims to set this straight by collecting all that is known about these sprites and revealing much for the first time, such as the variety of their dress, what they get up to in their sociable moods and why lady leprechauns are so rare.