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Got in trouble at school for daydreaming, grew up, am now told that I am gifted, talented, and basically, Freakin' AWESOME!!! LOL


The Companions *a wild Micky appears*


Jessica Chastain. Wow... naturally-red hair... I'm jealous.... both my paternal grandmother's and great grandmother's natural hair color.... The red-haired gene had skipped me.... I don't even have auburn; instead I have light golden brown.

Best companion ever.


Elizabeth Sladen (Sarah-Jane Smith) and Tom Baker (The 4th Doctor). Then and now


Oh how I love these 2. Sarah Jane Smith was an epic companion. 4 was of course brilliant.

:'-) We love and miss you, Elisabeth. Rest In Peace, Sarah Jane Smith.

Classic Who - Sarah Jane Smith: There's nothing "only" about being a girl.

"The first and last time Sarah Jane Smith met the Doctor. Right in the feels" <---Not True. She met Eleven.


This is why Sarah Jane is and always will be THE awesomeness.