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Container House - Cargo Container House Plans [These may come in handy someday if we ever build on a shotgun lot.] - Who Else Wants Simple Step-By-Step Plans To Design And Build A Container Home From Scratch?

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PREFAB FRIDAY: 'Option' Modular House by WeberHaus

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I want similar but different Two containers side by side (long way across front) One by container placed across both on top at the back.two bedrooms upstairs with outdoor sitting porch.

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shipping container coffee shop with hydraulic system/ expandable container home/ portable container house

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How To Build Your Own Shipping Container Home

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20 Cool Shipping Container Swimming Pools

Container pools can easily hold as much water as you want since shipping containers range from – lengths. You can also attach multiple containers .

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Shipping container house -- Solar powered air conditioning for off grid shipping Shipping container house -- Insulating the walls for off grid shipping conta.  container house at night

“Containers of Hope” is a unique living space made of shipping containers, designed by Benjamin Garcia Saxe in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Shipping Container Guest House by Jim Poteet.    I'd bury these except one side, add a door and two windows and make me some cabins - hobbit style.

Shipping Container Guest House by Jim Poteet

The Container Guest House, designed by Poteet Architects, is a compact living space created using shipping container. The container which serves as guest h



Containers homes are a fast, economical and flexible alternative of traditional homes as they provide modern dwellings for any households’ size from individual…