This photo gives me all kinds of LIFE!!!!! I'm forcing myself to exist on a modified or close to no CARB DIET and searching Amazon for a BARRE!!  #serenawilliams

Serena Williams Is Eyeing a Fashionable Post-Court Life, But First She’s Got Tennis History to Make

Serena Williams Flaunts Her Curves In New York Magazine Spread. Serena Williams is giving us true body goals in her latest photo shoot with New York Magazine. The tennis playing All-Star coined the…

As you can imagine, Serena basically kicked my butt—in the best way.

I Did Serena Williams’ 15-Minute Arms And Back Workout And I Felt (Almost) As Badass As Her

The Serena Williams Total Body Workout! Great routine from her personal trainer...this will kick your booty! Click pin for workout video :)

The Skinny: The Serena Williams Workout

You all seriously have to try these Serena Williams' workouts - 3 routines w/ a video for each. QUICK but incredibly effective moves & will leave you feeling sore and amazing :)

Serena Williams is flawless on the cover of NY Magazine's Fashion issue!

Perhaps the muscular, athletic woman symbolizes the physical and mental self-sufficiency which threatens the cozy ideal of beauty as soft, fragile and weak.

i don't even know what this means, but maybe i'll give it a try...apparently it makes you look like serena williams. i could go for that.

Brazen fit 24 day ab challenge - the fact that you saw this means that you should do this! It's just 24 days! You have time to give the necessary minutes every day for this. Remember YOU ARE MEANT TO SEE THIS AND DO THIS!

Serena Williams

Serena Williams

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In elementary school, I was voted to look like Serena Williams when I grew up. Now I've worked hard, fast, and to such a determined point, I finally believe my 13 year old classmates back in STRONG AND BEAUTIFUL. :D a full woman.