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Best Paints For Plastic Furniture

If you plan to paint your plastic indoor or outdoor furniture, there are a lot of new formulas out in the last decade that make painting plastic furniture, trash cans, accessories, anything, even more doable than ever. In My Opinion, here are some suggestions on types of paint that work …

Stop child abuse. #advocate #changelives #childabuse #children #prevention

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Child Abuse

Child abuse infographic

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Thyme Better Than Creams for Acne:

Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Child Protective Services

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Advocating for Domestic Violence victims Who Have Been Arrested for Domestic Violence.

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TEKS (10) E, (11) A,B,C - Care and protection of children. The student evaluates child care agencies and services available to families. The student is expected to: (E) determine agencies and services that protect the rights of children; (A) analyze forms, causes, and effects of child abuse; (B) summarize prevention and treatment of child abuse; and (C) discuss responsibilities of citizens to report child abuse.

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